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Garrett Super Scanner

Garrett Super Scanner

Model: Super Scanner

Manufactured By: Garrett

Catalogue: Super Scanner.pdf

Description: Key Features
•Ultimate sensitivity: detects medium sized pistol from 9"
distance; large knife from 6"; razor blades and box cutters from
3" distance; foil-wrapped drugs and tiny jewelry from 1".
•Self-calibrating: digital microprocessor technology
eliminates the need for periodic sensitivity adjustments.
•Rugged, high-impact ABS case with reinforced coil compartment. Exceeds Mil-Std-810F (drop test) Method 516.5, procedures II and IV.
•Large 8" scan surface for quick, thorough scanning.
•No tools required to change standard 9V battery (included).
Optional rechargeable battery kit available.
•Sharp audible alarm and bright red LED indicates the detection of metal.
•Momentary push button helps temporarily eliminate
detection of nearby ambient metal such as rebar, metal walls.
•Three-color LED indication: Green LED indicates ON; Amber LED indicates LOW BATTERY: Red LED indicates ALARM.
•Operating temperatures: -35° F (-37° C) to 158° F (70° C)