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SEW ST-1503 Analog Insulation Tester

SEW ST-1503 Analog Insulation Tester

Model: SEW ST-1503

Manufactured By: SEW

Catalogue: ST-1503.PDF

Description: FEATURES:-
*High quality Tau Band movement.
*It is a light and portable combination instrument for testing insulation (M Ohm). continuity (Ohm) and AC voltage.
*Instant operation is possible with a pushbutton, in addition, for continuous measurement of M Ohm or Ohm, a convenient timer is provided with automatic power off after three to five minutes to save the battery power.
*LED (red) indication when testing insulation and continuity.
*Use of a high efficiency and accurate DC-DC converter.
*Most suitable for insulation resistance measurement of electrical household appliances, power line distribution and installation.
*IEC 1010 CAT II 600V.