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Extech 412300A: Current Calibrator/Meter

Extech 412300A: Current Calibrator/Meter

Model: Extech 412300A

Manufactured By: Extech

Catalogue: 412300A_412355Adata.pdf

Description: Precision source for calibrating process devices and measuring DC process signals
■Oyster case with flip-up display is ideal for handheld or benchtop applications
■Large 3-1/2 digit LCD display and touch keypad
■Display readings in mA or as a % of the 0 to 24mA range or as mV in voltage ranges
■Provides 0 to 24mA output displayed as mA or %
■Provides 24VDC power to measure a two-wire current loop
For complete specs please download the product datasheet (not available for some accessories)