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Fluke 345 Power Quality Clamp Meter

Fluke 345 Power Quality Clamp Meter

Model: Fluke 345

Manufactured By: Fluke

Catalogue: Fluke 345.pdf

Description: •True rms ac and dc clamp-on current measurements up to 2000 A (1400 A rms)
•Make effective measurements on variable speed drives and other noisy equipment with the help of the switchable low-pass filter
•Highest safety rating in the industry – 600 V CAT IV / 1000 V CAT III
•Troubleshoot onscreen with color display of waveforms, harmonics, and recorded data
•Investigate intermittent issues with logging of min, max, and average measurements
•Measures V, A, Hz, CF, THD, DF, W, VA, VAR, kWh and Power Factor even on distorted waveforms
•Assess the effects of loads with dc ripple measurement
•Quantify demand with three-phase power capability for balanced loads
•Inrush mode for troubleshooting nuisance circuit breaker tripping
•View graphs and generate reports with included Power Log software